Other Soldiers

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Other Soldiers


Story of Soldiers from many other countries (Britain, Senegal)

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British Troops Storm the Beaches
This image shows British Troops storming the "V" beach during the Cape Helles Landings.

Colonial Soldiers Arriving at the Beaches
This pictures illustrates French Senegalese troops getting off the SS River Clyde to join the fight.

Indian Driver
An Indian driver packs his mule to continue to carry supplies to soldiers.

Frost Bitten Soldiers
Frost-bitten soldiers lay on straw in structures made by biscuit boxes in Suvla.

Soldiers Evacuating
British troops and their artillery guns being evacuated from Suvla Bay.

Reproduced below is the text of the letter sent by British war correspondent Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett to British Prime Minister Herbert Asquith reporting from the Gallipoli campaign. Bartlett gives his opinions on what is going at the Peninsula. This…
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