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The Battle of Gallipoli Through the Eyes of the Soldiers who Fought There.

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The Battle of Gallipoli, or the Gallipoli Campaign, was a campaign during World War One that took place on the Gallipoli Peninsula in the Ottoman Empire between April 1915 and early 1916. While this was one of the great wins for the Ottoman Empire during the war, the campaign is more well known for being the first time England used their colonial troops from Australia and New Zealand. It was also a very bloody campaign that resulted in over 180,000 casualties. Throughout this exhibit, you will find photos, letters home, and diary entries from soldiers on the Allied side and the Central Powers on their experiences at the battle of Gallipoli. They will show you the things soldiers did when they weren't fighting, explain what life was like in the trenches, and in some cases, their day to day movement across the Peninsula. While Australia and New Zealand are colonies that made huge contributions to the campaign and are well known for their sacrifices, there are plenty of other nations that sent soldiers to the Gallipolian Peninsula and those stories, along with the Anzac stories, are told in this exhibit.