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Lieutenant Ibrahim Naji's diary avoided military censorship and was uncovered in 2012. While most diary entries from the time are Allied, this is a look into the emotions of a Turkish Soldiers at Gallipoli.

Lieutenant Ibrahim Naci, 21, from Istanbul, shares what it is like being constantly shot at and living in a trench. This diary entry was dated June 21, 1915 he wrote it right before he passed.

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2nd Lieutenant CW Saunders talks about the grueling work that soldiers have to go through that makes fighting at Gallipoli that much worse.

New Zealand Farmer, Alfred Cameron, shares what has happened to his regiment after weeks of front line fighting.

A soldier goes into detail about the brutal living conditions that New Zealanders were forced to live in. At some places, the space between the beach and the front lines was only 900 meters, causing lots of difficulty transporting supplies.

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C.E.W. Bean, a War Correspondent for the Australia Gazette, gives the reader a description of the usual day for a soldier fighting during this campaign.

Captain Campbell gives us a pretty gruesome depiction of how soldiers are living on the Peninsula

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Lieutenant Semple talks about clean water, or the lack there of, that soldiers were able to get at Gallipoli.

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Colonel Collett of the 28th Battalion talks about the sleeping conditions in the trenches at Gallipoli.

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This letter gives the reader an idea about the daily life of a soldier at Gallipoli. Lieutenant Barnes talks about his tin and the uses for it.
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